Yankee Candles

Saturday, 25 January 2014
When I started back at uni this September, I made a friend in one of my classes and he sells Yankee Candles. Obviously, I asked him to get me a tonne of them and he did :)

I'm a big fan of the food scents and most of the ones I own smell like cookies or cakes, including my all time favourite scent Vanilla Cupcake. I also thought I'd give a fresh scent a try so I got one called Coastal Waters, which smells like the seaside and reminds me of great days out and little holidays.

All of the scents are the perfect strength, not too overpowering but enough for you to notice and recognise each scent. Usually when I'm around anything scented I get an awful headache, but Yankee candles are the only ones I've found that don't have that effect on me. Each of these votives will burn for 15 hours, which is just enough for me to be able to switch to a new scent before I get bored.

I've seen yankee candles for sale in a few card shops, but their collection is limited and they never have the scents I want to try. 

My friend's store is called The Yankee Ebay and it has such a huge collection of candles, a lot of which aren't available in stores any more, so definitely check it out. You can visit The Yankee Ebay by clicking these links: eBay, Facebook, Twitter

or typing in these URLs:


are you a big  fan of yankee candles? what's your favourite scent? which scents should I try?


  1. Yankee candles are my fave! The best ones are either vanilla cupcake for if you fancy a sweet scent, or pink dragon fruit for a fruity fresh scent :) x

    1. Vanilla Cupcake is my absolute fav! I'll check out pink dragon fruit, sounds interesting! Having a look at your blog now, love it x