Coloured Contact Lenses by My Cosmetic Lenses

Sunday, 1 March 2015

 I've always wanted to experiment with my eye colour, and recently My Cosmetic Lenses invited me to try out some of their range of non prescription coloured contacts. I wrote a little post about them a couple of weeks ago, you can see that here, and here are my thoughts after trying them out for the first time.

I'm not one of those people that's particular squeamish about putting things near my eyes, but I think the idea of contact lenses can be a bit scary for any first time user. No need to worry though, as these contact lenses are super easy to use and didn't put up a fight when I was putting them in. (You can watch easy to follow videos demonstrating how to put them in on their site!) I did have one lens fold up when I tried to use it, but it's easy to unfold it and just try again. Practise makes perfect! I found it just as easy to remove the lenses as I did inserting them. I drag the lens to the outer corner of my eye, pinch & pull it out.

I naturally have dark brown eyes, and I thought the colours wouldn't really show up on my eyes, but these lenses have no issue transforming them to a striking blue or green, as you can see below. 

top to bottom: one natural eye with one Bright Blue lens, Bright Blue lenses*, Gemstone Green lenses*, Caribbean Blue lenses*

 My Cosmetic Lenses aim to offer a range of colours that both look natural and fit comfortably. They have definitely achieved that. As you can see from the photos, all of the colours I tried are quite natural looking - even the more striking Bright Blue lenses.  The claims of being able to wear the lenses up to 8 hours a day are definitely fair as I have worn mine from midday to evening time whilst out shopping and experienced no discomfort whatsoever. The high water content of 42% supports their claims of being the most comfortable fashion lenses on the market as it helps to hydrate the eyes to avoid any irritation. 

They stock over 30 colours, including 5 from a collaboration with Geordie Shore's Marnie: Pure Blue, Light Hazel, Misty Grey, Pure Violet and Sea Green.The contact lenses can be used 90 times for up to a year, with proper care and cleaning, before they need replacing. I've never heard of lenses lasting that long before, especially for such a great price.

Bright Blue lenses*

Gemstone Green lenses*

 Caribbean Blue lenses*

The lenses are great to add a little something extra to your look for a special occasion, or even just for day to day wear if you fancy a change. 

 The lenses are available at and are priced between £12.99-£29.99 (all with free P&P). That's pretty great value considering the lenses last for up to a year!

You can view all of the colours available over on 
You can also find Marnie’s range here: