Colour Freedom Hair Dye

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I'm always on the hunt for a fuss-free hair dye that allows me to switch up my colour when I want to. When browsing in Superdrug a while ago, I noticed a new range by Colour Freedom. Colour Freedom provide a selection of approximately 14 non-permanent and 10 permanent hair colours, as well as bleach and pasteliser products.  

I've now used their products a few times and have had an easy and hassle-free experience every time. A lot of dyes I've used before have been very messy and I've ended up with a pink sink, but these dyes are similar to a thick conditioner. They are very easy to apply to towel dried hair with no annoying drips on the bathroom floor. 

The dyes are very conditioning and have left my hair feeling extra soft and shiny with every use, which is a tricky task for most conditioners when it comes to my bleached hair. The shades are easy to adapt to your preference, all you need to do is add in some of their pasteliser or a white conditioner to get a pretty pastel shade, or leave it as it is for a more intense colour.

One of the colours that I tried is called Indigo Night, which developed to this gorgeous purple-blue. It lasted a few weeks, with the colour fading slightly with each wash and eventually fading to a mint green colour (as blue hair dyes do). To get rid of the staining, I used the shade Pink Pizazz as the pink helps to neutralise the green pigment and I was back to blonde once the pink faded out.

                        Indigo Night: Without Flash                                       With Flash

Colour Freedom have definitely become my go-to brand. Here are a couple of other colours I've tried:

                                   Pink Pizazz                                                   Orange Sorbet

Which one is your favourite? I'm currently trying to decide which colour to go next, help me decide please! 

Colour Freedom also have a range of style products under the name of Style Freedom, which I haven't tried yet, but I'm planning to pick some up soon and give them a go. Their products are available at Superdrug and are priced between £6.99-£7.99.

Have you used any of Colour Freedom's other dyes? Or have you found a holy grail blue dye that doesn't stain?