eBay find: Lipstick Storage

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

hi guys!

Are you as fed up as I was of rummaging through your make up to find the lipstick you wanted to wear? It would take me ages to find a random lipstick amongst all the products and even longer if I had a specific shade in mind.

I was browsing eBay when I found this incredible (and pretty) solution to my problem.

It kind of reminds me of the tiered seating you get in stadiums.. 

As you can see the storage unit holds 24 lipsticks of different shapes and sizes, so as long as your lipsticks aren't abnormally huge then they should fit perfectly.
The unit is see-through and so it will fit in well in amongst any colour of furniture. 

The lipstick storage has been such a saviour as now I have all my favoured lipsticks neatly displayed so I can easily grab the colour I need if I'm in a rush or just not in the mood to rummage.

It's such a bargain too! I've seen them online for around £10 before, but I bought mine from eBay here for only £2.99. It does ship from Hong Kong so delivery may take slightly longer than usual, but mine only took a week. Postage is free and I wasn't charged any customs or anything like that. It literally cost just £2.99, which I think is pretty incredible!

how do you store your lipsticks? any genius and efficient ways of storing the rest of your make up?

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