eBay find: Floral Pencil Case

Saturday, 11 January 2014
Hi guys!

First of all, Happy New Year (is it too late to say that now?) and I hope you had a really lovely Christmas. Today I'm bringing you the cheapest, cutest pencil case I have ever seen.

When I started back at uni in September I wanted a cute little case to keep my pens and USB drive in, and I am annoyingly picky so I couldn't find one I liked in stores I visited. I headed over to trusty ol' eBay and within seconds found one I absolutely loved. 

I'm obsessed with any thing that remotely resembles Cath Kidston's prints and I couldn't believe how cheap this was. It was literally just 99p, no postage charge, nothing! You can buy it on ebay here. There are four colour options to choose from: pink, green, light blue & dark blue. Weirdly, this is the 'green' option though I would say it's more of a pale baby blue.

As it is shipped from China, it does usually take between a couple of weeks and a month to arrive to the UK, but if you don't mind waiting a little it's more than worth it. 

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